Catalina Island Activities

Catalina Island Activities
The submersible tour is a great activitiy for all kinds of travelers to experience Catalina Island's diverse sea habitats up close and personal.

Overview of Activities

Catalina Island's primary focus is on its beautiful natural habitats. The waters around the island are known to have some of the best marine life in the world with towering kelp forests and thousands of species of fish. The island's primary activities revolve around scuba, snorkeling, whale watching and submersible/glass bottom boat tours. The island also has a variety of inland tours that depart from Avalon with buses and trams that climb steep, narrow, dirt roads that straddle the cliffs above the ocean.

In order from highest to lowest reccomendation

  • Submersible Tour
  • Those not into snorkeling, the submersible tour is the next best thing. Sit back and look out a port hole window and observe thousands of colorful fish and even maybe occasional sea lion swim by.

    Thumb Snorkeling Catalina Island
  • Snorkeling Catalina Island
  • Catalina Island has some of the best marine habitats in the world and is a popular destination for divers and snorkelers.

    Thumbnail glass bottom boat Catalina Island
  • Glass Bottom Boat Tours
  • A great way to see the abundant marine life that thrives in the waters off of Catalina Island. Boat captains drop food into the water allowing visitors to observe the wildlife through glass bottom below.

    Thumb Ghost Tours Catalina Island
  • Catalina Ghost Tours
  • A different view of Catalina Island after dark, those staying overnight will enjoy this tour that brings the intrigue, mystery and legendary tales (often involving celebrities) to life.

    Avalon Tram Tours Catalina Island  Thumb
  • Avalon Tram Tours
  • Those looking to explore Avalon in a relaxing format will enjoy the tram tours that take guests through Avalon (as well as into the hills beyond). Live guides educate riders on the historical charm of this island village.

    Thumb Catalina Island Golf Course
  • Golfing on Catalina Island
  • Only nine holes, the Catalina golf course is just outside of Avalon (easy walk) and was once the training ground for the Chicago Cubs.

    thumbnail camping on Catalina Island
  • Camping on Catalina Island
  • Catalina Island has some of the best camping grounds in all of Southern California. Campers can camp by the ocean or along the private lanes extending out of Avalon and into the interior.

    Thumb Catalina 360
  • 360 Zip Line Tours
  • One of Catalina Island's newest attractions, the 360 Zip Line gives guests an educational thrill as they zip through the interior and land at Descanso Beach.

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