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Catalina Ghost Tours

Ghost Tours Catalina Island
The tours are by foot, however this themed golf cart parked in Avalon advertises the tours.

Catalina Island has a history that dates back over 150 years. From ancient tribal Native Americans and business tycoons to Hollywood screen writers, directors and celebrities, the island has seen its share of excitment and colorful personalities. With the broad groups that have passed through have come exciting tales of things gone wild, wrong and weird. Today Catalina Island can boast an interesting, exotic and paranormal past. Those looking to explore the more interesting side of the island and its history should check out the Ghost Tours of Catalina. This tour will give any visitor an inside look of what really has happened on Catalina Island along with the opportunity to see first hand places that are still said to be haunted, who haunts them and even an opportunity for a chance encounter themselves.

The main walking tour goes through Avalon. Tours depart every evening at 8:30pm from the Catalina Casino. The tour lasts an hour and stops at several key points in Avalon that are said to be haunted. The guides that lead the tour are very experienced in all things paranormal and have lived on Catalina Island for over 30 years. The tour prides itself on presenting the "rich historical culture" of Avalon and Catalina Island. The tour winds itself through allys and also encompasses a steep hike up three different sets of stairs. Guests on the tours are provided with their own EMF devices so that they may detect the presence of spirits on their own. Trip advisor has ranked this tour as a number one attraction/tour on Catalina Island.

Whether guests of the island and the tour believe in ghosts or not, the tour is hardcore and the guides truly present an authentic argument for spirits that haunt the island. If nothing else it is probably one of the most detailed tours of Avalon that points out the history that can't be found anywhere else.

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