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Submersible Tour

Submersible Tour Catalina Island
Pictured above is the "nautilus" just after having departed the Green Pleasure Pier

The submersible tours offer visitors a chance to observe the Catalina Island sea life up close and personal from the comfortable accommodations of an underwater submarine type vessel. Visitors that have been to Disneyland and ridden the 20 Thousand Leagues under the sea ride will no doubt recognize these vehicles as the identical thing. Upon sitting down visitors will be one on one with their own port window gazing out onto the sea floor.

Once the vessel gets going there is a slight rocking motion, but so mild that anyone with severe motion sickness will be find. The tours usually go out to Lover's Cove which is less than a 10 minute ride south of the Green Pleasure Pier (and a five minute walk along Pebbly Beach Road from the main boat terminals) where there are a variety of sea life to observe. On the Discovery Tours vessels the boats captain will deposit buckets of fish food into the water that attracts thousands upon thousands of fish to the vessel. On the yellow Catalina Adventures Tour visitors can press their own button that torpedo's the fish food into the ocean. The sea life on this side of the island are very observant and are very aware that when these vessels flow into this area full of visitors that means food. Before any feeding has begun they will swarm the vessel looking for their next meal. Some of the fish visitors can expect to see are are the Yellow Fin Tuna, Soitted Calico Bass, Opaleyes, rockfish and bat rays to name a few.

The large colorful beautiful fish won't be the only eye catching wonder of this undersea garden. The plant life is equally as exotic and exciting as Catalina Island's lush kelp forest pass below with vines stretching thousands of feet. Many of the vines brush along the sea vessels as they pass through adding to the interaction and excitement of the ride. As the vessel navigates its way along the coves, guides point out the various points of interest including the types of fish the vessel is interacting with, fun stories and descriptions and scientific information/facts about the kelp visitors are seeing.

During the summer the Catalina Adventure Tours also offers tours at night where the vessels shine bright 18,000 watt spotlights into the nooks and crannies of the coves and expose a whole new array of Catalina sea life that can only be seen at night. These include lobsters, sharks and even an occasional seal. The total length of the submersible tour is around one hour.

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