Catalina Island Essential Information

Orange Garibaldi fish can be seen all along the perimeter of Catalina Island

Overview of Essential Information

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  • Catalina Island is home to over 250 bison who have full access to the island. A few may wonder into Avalon but the majority of sighthings can be seen from a Catalina Interior expedition.

  • Holly Hill House
  • One of the most obvious points of interest in Avalon, the house is over 100 years old with a curious history and can be seen from most points along Avalon Bay.

  • History of Catalina Island
  • Catalina Island has a rich history that stretches back to Native American habitation to famous business tycoons looking to develop it into a major toursist destination.

  • Getting Around Catalina Island
  • Catalina Island has a restriction on cars, most visitors either walk, take golf cart of bike. Golf cart and bike rentals are abundant in Avalon and at good prices.

  • Catalina Wildlife
  • Catalina Island is full of wildlife. The waters off the coast of the island are known around the world has being home of some of the best aquatic biodiversity.

    Essential Information

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