Catalina Island Getting There

Catalina Express
Catalina Express preparing for departure back to Long Beach

Overview of Getting There

In order from highest to lowest reccomendation

  • Catalina Island Airport
  • Located in the Catalina interor and whose runway hangs off a cliff, popular with southern California private pilots who come to the island for day trip or to practice landings and takeoffs.

    Catalina Island Express THumb
  • Catalina Ferry
  • Catalina Express from Long Beach is the most popular "Catalina Ferry" shuttling millions of people a year to Catalina Island. Boats operate at all times of the day and its the most affordable option.

    Catalina Island helicopter Thumb
  • Catalina Island by helicopter
  • Those on a tight time frame or who would rather avoid boats, Island Express offers a good alternative to travel to the island via four seat helicopters.

    Essential Information

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