Catalina Island Hotels

Hotel Atwater in central Avalon is a more affordable option

Overview of Hotels

In order from highest to lowest reccomendation

  • Seacrest Inn Catalina Island
  • Seacrest Inn is centrally located in Avalon and has a New England bed and breakfast appeal. The hotel is one of the smaller inns on the island and usually has affordable prices.

  • The Inn at Mt. Ada
  • The Inn at Mt. Ada is the most expensive accommodation with only a handful of rooms. Once the home of the Wrigley family it sits atop a hill giving panoramic views of all of Catalina Island and Pacific Ocean.

  • Hotel St. Lauren
  • Known as the "Pepto Bismo" by locals, the pink victorian like hotel sits at top of hill and has a rooftop available to guests affording amazing views of Avalon Bay.

  • Hotel Metropole
  • This hotel markets itself as a more upscale accommodation on Catalina Island. Centrally located in Avalon the hotel is closest to the Catalina Casino and sits on hill giving some guests unrivaled views of the ocean and Avalon Bay.

  • Hotel Atwater
  • Hotel Atwater is one of the more affordable hotels on the island and often sales its rooms as part of vacation package deal to visitors of the island. The hotel is centrally located in Avalon.

  • Catalina Canyon Resort
  • This hotel prides itself on being a spar/luxurious getaway on Catalina Island. On the outskirts of Avalon its a secluded retreat and a bit of a walk into Avalon proper.

  • Avalon Hotel
  • Avalon Hotel has a reputation for being personalable and friendly. Hotel enjoys good reviews by guests and its architecture is hand crafted inside and out.

  • Aurora Hotel
  • One of the more upscale and newer hotels on Catlaina Island, the Aurora Hotel has rooms that enjoy spectacular views of Avalon Bay. The hotel is near the Cataina Casino in Avalon.

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