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Hotel Atwater

Centrally located in the heart of Avalon the hotel has an unassuming appearance.

The Atwater Hotel on Catalina Island is known to be one of the more economical hotels on the island that often hosts singles, budget travelers and visitors looking not for the nicer amenities but to explore Catalina Island and its wonders on a budget. Located in the heart of Avalon, the Atwater Hotel is less than a 10 minute walk to all the main sights of the island. These include Tour Plaza (where tours for the Catalina Interior depart), the Green Pleasure Pier (sea tour departures) and Descanso Beach and the Catalina Casino.

The hotel was built in the 1920s and offers standard rooms that offer either queen or twin sized beds. The hotel offers basic amenities such as tvs in every room. None of the rooms have views of the ocean or Catalina harbor. Rooms are however given some color with unique prints that hang on the walls that depict various Catalina Island moments. The staff at the hotel has a reputation for being friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable about all things going on with the island. The hotel also has a reputation for being clean and efficient as well as safe. Visitors not interested in bath rhobes, hardwood floors, work stations, spas, etc but price and cleanliness only will find this to be an ideal hotel.

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