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Seacrest Inn Catalina Island

Seacrest Inn Catalina Island
A smaller and quaint hotel centrally located in Avalon

If you are looking for something rustic, boutique, quaint with a part of romance, the Seacrest Inn is an ideal hotel. when visiting Catalina Island. The hotel itself presents itself as a victorian type house one would find on an east coast island resort such as Martha's Vineyard or the Nantucket. The hotel is situated on Clarissa Ave which is right off the main drag from Crescent Avenue where the majority of Avalon's bars and restuarants are located. From the hotel to Crescent Avenue the walk is less than five minutes. By being centrally located, the Seacrest Inn is also less than five minute walk to the Tour Plaza where guests can board trams and safai buses for tours of Catalina Island's Interior. In addition the Green Pleasure Pier is also less than a five minute walk from the Seacrest Inn.

The hotel markets itself as a couples hotel. Most of the rooms tend to have only one bed and are on the smaller end. The hotel hosts a rooftop patio where guests can get panoramic views of all of Avalon, the harbor and the Pacific Ocean beyond. Many guests who have stayed at the hotel have found the facilities to be on the older side although charming for those looking for the "island" experience for an alternative to high end luxury hotels. Visitors looking to take in the sights of Avalon and the Harbor will find the Seacrest Inn to be an ideal hotel as it has probably one of the prime locations in all of Avalon to all the tours, shops, restaurants and bars. As some hotels are perched in the hills overlooking Avalon, the Seacrest Inn is extremely easy to walk to as the street it is on is flat and just a block inland from the harbor. Visitors will not need a golf cart or taxi (unless they have disabilities) to get to the Seacrest Inn.

The actual location of the Seacrest Inn has a rich island history that dates back to the early 1900s. From 1908 to 1919 the hotel served as the Banning House named after the Banning Brothers who were a driving force in the early development of Catalina Island as both a residential and tourist location.

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