Catalina Island Shopping

Overview of Shopping

Travelers to Catalina Island looking to shop will find that Avalon is for the most part the exclusive shopping center on the island. It should be noted that Catalina Island is not famous for shopping or the prime reason people travel to the island. That said there are an abundance of stores throughout Avalon that offer merchandise such as jewelry, sunglasses, island where (button up shirts, pants, etc), souvenirs, post cards and of course a few candy shops peppered throughout the town. Those traveling to Catalina Island on an overnight journey and who found they forgot a basic item of apparel will find that is more than enough in way of merchandise on the island to supplement any emergency need.
Although various boutique type retail stores can be found throughout Avalon, one of the higher concentration of shopping opportunities can be found at the Metropole Market Place (adjacent the Metropole Hotel).

Catalina Pottery
Not sold in large quantities (if at all-you have to look and ask) but it should be noted that from the 1920s to late 1940s Catalina Island was a major exporter of clay that was used to make dishes, jars and vases. This same clay was used extensively by the Native American’s who lived on the island several hundred years back. In recent decades these pottery items have become somewhat exclusive, rare and a few collectible. “Catalina Pottery” as its known is not a commodity that most travelers to the island are immediately aware upon arrival . Catalina Pottery is found almost exclusively at specialty stores and art dealers in Los Angeles. However on some occasions there a few stores on the island itself that may have a rare find. Its worth checking various store fronts out and talking to the shop owners to see if they may have a recent shipment.

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