Catalina Island Sights

Catalina Casino
Pictured above is the crest of the Catalina Casino. One of Catalina Island's main sights the Casino houses a ballroom, theater and museum.

Overview of Sights

Catalina has a variety of sights that the majority of are located within a ten minute walk of each other. The Catalina Casino is the most high profile sight on the island and can be seen from virtually any spot on Avalon. Avalon itself is a charming village and by default the main "sight" most visitors will encounter when arriving on Catalina Island.

In order from highest to lowest reccomendation

Avalon Catalina Island Thumb
  • Avalon
  • Avalon is the main village and arrival point on Catalina Island. It is also the location for all the hotels, tour boat departures and tickets to Catalina Island attractions.

    Thumbnail Catalina Museum
  • Catalina Museum
  • An ideal attraction for history buffs or those that want to learn more about Catalina Island. Various artifacts and momentos from the island's past.

  • Green Pleasure Pier
  • Green Pleasure Pier is the main departure point for water tours around Catalina Island. Also location of ticket sales (in addition to Tour Plaza), public restrooms and various seafood restaurants and kiosks.

    Thumbnail Catalina Interior
  • Catalina Interior
  • Catalina Interior is full of spectacular views of deep canyons, the open Pacific Ocean and various wildlife. Tours depart from Avalon and climb windy, rocky roads that hang off cliffs.

    Thumbnail Descanso Beach
  • Descanso Beach
  • A more obscure beach to the north of the Catalina Casino where guests lay on lounges and outdoor bars serve good cocktails.

    Thumbnail Catalina Casino
  • Catalina Casino
  • Catalina Casino is the iconic symbol of Catalina Island and is the first sight visitors see when arriving on the island.

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