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Descanso Beach

Descanso Beach Catalina Island
Descansco Beach lies to the north of the Catalina Casino

Catalina Island, especially in the summer months is teaming with activity. Thousands of people arrive in Avalon daily to stroll Avalon, hike the interior and lay out on the beach. One area that is hidden away from the mainstream crowds that is secluded, beautiful and relaxing is Descanso Beach. Descanso Beach is the perfect getaway for those looking just to unwind and relax, enjoy the ocean and take in a cocktail or two. Descanso Beach is not located in the main area of Avalon but on the north side of the Catalina Casino. In fact the beach is pretty much hidden away from the rest of Avalon by the Catalina Casino and many visitors do not even know that it exists!

Getting to Descanso Beach is easy. Simply follow the path that runs parallel to Crescent Avenue to the Catalina Casino. Once at the Casino, keep walking past the front entrance and the beach will visibly present itself. At first glance, Descasnso Beach may seem like an exclusive hideaway that is by invite only. But alas anyone, assuming there is room can snag a spot on this beach. The views are beautiful as the beach faces east toward the Pacifc Ocean. When looking out on the right hand side (or to the south) is the Catalina Casino and on the left the north shore of Catalina Island extending north into the Two Harbors. Visitors who walk the beach and observe the water lapping against rocks will observe dozens of Orange Garabaldi fish milling about.

During the summertime when the crowds are at their peak, and warm weather is abundant, bar tenders set up shop on the beach. Sunbathers can get a cocktail at these bars and then stroll down into the beach to relax. In addition there is a snorkeling station with make shift wooden dressing rooms where visitors can change into snorkeling gear. After changing snorklers can either wade out into the water for a first hand look at the beautiful kelp forests and marine life that surround Catalina Island or try one of Catalina's newest adventures of putting on a gigantic astronaut type suite and climbing a latter to the ocean floor and walk with thousands of fish and other sea life.

One of the newest attractions to open on Catalina Island is the Zip Line Eco Tour. Extending 500 feet into the air and launching off the mountainsides above Descanso beach, riders will get amazing views of the Pacific Ocean as they descend along the 4,000 foot line at speeds of up to 45 mph and land right on Descanso Beach.

Descanso Beach is an easy walk from all points in Avalon and no more than a ten minute walk from the hotels in Avalon.

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