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Green Pleasure Pier

Green Pleasure Pier Catalina Island
Pictured above the Green Pleasure PIer extends out onto Avalon Bay.

The Green Pleasure Pier is centrally located in Avalon Bay on Catalina Island. The Pier is one of the main tourist destinations on the island where visitors can walk out on to the pier and enjoy 180 views of the harbor, Pacific Ocean beyond and Catalina Island in the background, depart on various tours, buy tickets and dine. Upon arriving on Catalina Island, the Green Pleasure Pier is one of the most notable attractions and is visible from all points around Avalon.

It is from the Green Pleasure Pier that many of Catalina Island's sea tours depart. These tours include the glass bottom boat rides and the submerssable submarine voyage that take visitors out into the Pacific Ocean giving the spectacular views of the Kelp Forests and dozens of varieties of native fish to the island. The glass bottom boat tours allow visitors to observe the underwater sea life from a glass bottom in the boat while the underwater submerrsable passengers climb down into the lower deck of a submarine type viechle and take in the views from a peep hole. Those that have ridden the 20,000 leagues under the sea ride at DisneyLand/DisneyWorld will recognize the submerrsable as fairly identical to those used in those parks. Tickets for these tours can be bought on the pier or from the Tour Plaza that is only a block inland in Avalon. In addition, tickets for the inland tours can also be bought on the Green Plesaure Pier.

The Green Pleasure Pier offers a variety of dining options from food on the go with hamburgers and hotdogs to more traditional seafood at the end of the pier. When dining on the pier several of the eateries offer visitors the opportunity to dine at tables in an outdoor cafe type setting giving diners views of the bay, the island and the pier itself, all while relaxing and taking in the crowds. Eric's is one of the more popular of these venues and offers a variety of American type foods as well as a bar with a variety of beers.

The pier is centrally located in Avalon and is easy to travel to from any point in the town. The pier is green as its name suggests and as it stands out like a sore thumb from the rest of the bay and Avalon, is fairly easy to locate from all points in Avalon. Any visit to Catalina Island will guarantee some stop on the Green Pleasure Pier.


Tour Plaza is located in the center of Avalon just steps from the beach between Sumner and Catalina Avenues. It is here you can purchase tickets for any of the many adventures the island offers. There are two main tour operators on Catalina Island, Discovery Tours and Santa Catalina Tour Company. Both offer identical tours of the ocean surrounding the island, inland tours of the Catalina Interior and tram tours around Avalon. In addition to the ticketing areas there are also a collection of very clean restrooms, quick choices to eat and plenty of areas to sit and just relax in between exploring the island.

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