Hotels Pacific Grove

Thumb Sea Breeze Cottages
  • Sea Breeze Inn and Cottages Pacific Grove
  • Located near the coast and in the quaint town of Pacific Grove, the Sea Breeze Inn and Cottages provides a rustic but charming accommodation.

    Averge Rate: $170
    Wilkes Inn Pacific Grove  Thumb
  • The Wilkie's Inn of Pacific Grove
  • The Wilkies Inn Pacific Grove offers more afforadable accommodations than that of other hotels in the Monterey Bay Area. In Pacific Grove, less than a ten minute drive to the ocean.

    Averge Rate: $150
  • Best Western Monarch Inn
  • Best Western Monarch Inn is located on the outskirts of Pacific Grove near the coastline. The hotel has rooms spread out in single story ranch style type buildings.

    Averge Rate:
    Thumbnail Lighthouse Lodge Pacific Grove
  • Lighthouse Lodge Pacific Grove
  • Lighthouse Lodge is located in Pacific Grove. A series of bungalow type accommodations the hotel is on the more economical side and walking distance to the coast.

    Averge Rate: $150