Essential Information

Safety in Los Angeles

When people think of Los Angeles they think of sunshine, celebrities, film industry and beaches. However unfortunately they also think crime, gangs, drugs and drive by shootings. LA has the misfortune of earning itself a reputation that is not accurate of being unsafe. This is not true. Today Los Angeles is one of the safest cities in North America if not the world. Staying safe in Los Angeles is extremely easy. It’s a matter of knowing where to go and where not to go and being aware of your surroundings (which is sound advice wherever you visit or even live).

Getting Around Los Angeles

Los Angeles is notorious for its traffic and lack of good public transportation options. The city is a spaghetti maze of freeways, surface streets and narrow canyon roads (connecting the basin with the San Fernando Valley). Those that want to see LA to the fullest are looking at renting a car. However there are many other options available for those who would prefer to stay off the roads but still efficiently get around.

When to Go

Los Angeles maybe stereotyped as a city with sunshine, mixed with smog with beautiful women in bikinis on beaches all year round-but this is not the case. Los Angeles, like the rest of the world does have seasons. Although the city will never be hit with a blizzard there are times of the year that are more desirable than others for visiting.