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Safety in Los Angeles

When people think of Los Angeles they think of sunshine, celebrities, film industry and beaches. However unfortunately they also think crime, gangs, drugs and drive by shootings. LA has the misfortune of earning itself a reputation that is not accurate of being unsafe. This is not true. Today Los Angeles is one of the safest cities in North America if not the world. Staying safe in Los Angeles is extremely easy. It’s a matter of knowing where to go and where not to go and being aware of your surroundings (which is sound advice wherever you visit or even live).

Where Not To Go:

South Central Los Angeles. This is the home of LA’s notorious gangs, the epicenter of the 1992 riots and all around breeding ground for all the horrible news stories about violence you hear when it comes to LA. Fortunately South Central is not easy to get to and is not remotely close to the main tourist areas so there is little chance of accidently ending up there. However be cautious when renting a car at LAX not to drive east on Century Blvd and go underneath the 405 without getting on, you will then be minutes from this area. South Central is located straight east of LAX and south of the 10.

East Los Angeles
Like South Central, East Los Angeles has a dicey reputation. This area is east of Downtown Los Angeles. Like South Central you have to really make effort to find this area. If in Downtown, avoid going east of Los Angeles Street.

Skid Row
Driving through Skid Row is an experience in itself. Hundreds of homeless people line the sidewalks. This area can get violent as those that are unfortunate fight for survival amongst each other and the residents. Skid Row is located in Downtown Los Angeles and its boundaries to the area east of San Pedro Street, south of Third Street, west of Central Avenue, and north of Seventh Street. Definitely do not walk through this area!

Parts of Hollywood
Although not the reputation South Central has, there are part s of Hollywood that you want to avoid. When visiting Hollywood either by staying in hotel or walking stay close to the intersections of Hollywood and Highland Blvd and Franklin and Highland Blvd. Walk no further east than Hollywood and Vine (Where the W Hotel is located) and avoid Sunset Blvd between La Brea and Vine at night. Definitely avoid the area of Western and Hollywood Blvd as well. Although plenty of budget hotels line Western and advertise cheap rates with easy access to Hollywood, this area can also be populated with homeless, prostitutes and other non desirables. It should be noted that in the last few years no violent crimes have been committed against visitors in these areas, however better safe than sorry,.

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Tips and info on staying safe in LA

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