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Los Angeles maybe stereotyped as a city with sunshine, mixed with smog with beautiful women in bikinis on beaches all year round-but this is not the case. Los Angeles, like the rest of the world does have seasons. Although the city will never be hit with a blizzard there are times of the year that are more desirable than others for visiting.

1. Summer (June-September)

This is the most crowded time of year in the city with visitors. It is also the time of year that the weather most likely will cooperate. How hot it gets is a roll of the dice. Some years its unbearably hot in the city (but no humidity-dry heat) and other summers the temps struggle to push past 70. June is notorious for being over cast with fog and not good beach weather-locals label this month “June gloom”. However we can guarantee there is absolutely no chance of rainfall during this time. Thunder and lightning are unheard of in LA.

2. Fall (Mid September to December)

This is probably the best time to go second to summer. In the fall time the Santa Ana winds blow. This clears the city of all the smog, marine haze and other visibility blocking elements to give tremendous views. You can see Downtown from the beaches and if up on a hike in the hills or driving along the Sunset Strip you can see the deep blue ocean, the control tower at LAX and every point of interest of LA in between. Beginning in October there is some chance of rain, although historically no storm lasting an entire day has come through the region during this time.

3 Winter to early Spring (January to April)

Visiting Los Angeles from January to April is somewhat risky in terms of weather. While temps will hardly ever dip below 50 on a low this is the rainy season in LA. However its not a guaranteed rainy season. The winter of 2013 was one of the driest on record in the city. The past few winters have not seen much rain as well. However, historically every few years LA gets pummeled with large Pacific systems that bring an almost Seattle like pattern of constant rain over a period of weeks. The result is landslides, LA locals freaking out, car accidents, road closures and someone falling into the LA river and getting a dramatic rescue that is carried on live local LA television. Although not a total wash to visit during this time, you can’t comfortably stroll Rodeo Drive, ride the second deck of a tour bus, eat outside on a patio at The Grove or on the Sunset Strip and most definitely not lay on a beach. However as mentioned there is chance of no rain and maybe temps in the 70s. It’s a gamble when planning a trip during this time o f year.

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Specific best times to visit Los Angeles

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