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Dan Tana's

Dan Tana’s is an old school Italian restaurant located in West Hollywood that is smaller in size but who’s food, service and reputation is well received by local Angelenos. The restaurant serves up gigantic hearty portions in two small dining rooms (that are divided by a bar) with plush red leather booths and old style red checkered table clothes. On any given night the restaurant is full to capacity and you are guaranteed a celebrity sighting.

The restaurant has an iconic history that dates back over 40 years and has been known to been frequented by almost every high profile person in town. Unlike other restaurants that are in the “scene”, Dan Tana’s manages to maintain a distance from all things Hollywood while at the same time being everything one envisions Hollywood to be. Guests are greeted by a host in a tux and the crowds are usually very dressed up. Do to the small size of the establishment it can get quiet loud, especially as the alcohol flows at the bar and the wine is served at the dining tables. The walls are decorated with various autographed photos of past and current celebrities who have dined there as well as framed newspaper articles of various positive write-ups and awards the restaurant has received. Often, when there is a celebrity seated at a table in corner the buzz is even more exciting.
There has been a common myth in LA (amongst the older generation that is) that the restuaruant borrowed its name from the main character from the popular TV show Vegas who was named after the Dan Tana. However it is the opposite, the restaurant was actually in business well before the TV show and it was the producers that dined at Dan Tanas while planning the TV show and decided that the name of the restaurant was just that cool sounding that is what they would name their main character in the show.

Dan Tanas is without a doubt one of the most Italian restaurants in all of Los Angeles. They serve up hearty portions of spaghetti and meatballs in traditional marinara sauce, manicottis and their fried calamari should not be missed as well. The prices can be moderate with an average meal for two running over $100.
Parking can be difficult as the restaurant is located on busy Santa Monica Blvd that is on the border of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Reservations are a must! Also this restaurant does not mess around on punctuality as on any given night they are full, so be there on time or risk losing your table. Calling ahead to schedule a reservation a week in advance should guarantee s a spot, however showing up later at around 1030pm may get you in as well.

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