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The Ivy

Once a total scene and where everybody (who thought that they were somebody) wanted a reservation, The Ivy’s reputation and the crowds have calmed down a bit in recent years. However it is still a good place for lunch where spruced up locals hang out and an occasional celebrity passes through. The Ivy is a big expensive and while the food is decent, most have been of the opinion for what you pay and what you get there is some disparity. However that said those visiting Los Angeles hell bent on experiencing all things LA will still get amusement from having a lunch or dinner at this venue.

The Ivy has always been a famous restaurant. Located in the center of the Robertson Blvd shopping district its outdoor dining patio is enclosed with a traditional white picket fence. Back in the mid-2000s the establishment was an outrageous LA scene with A-list celebrities dining on the patio while hoards of paparazzi line the curb taking pictures. The scene transitioned to what some would call a circus when Britney Spears began shopping at neighboring boutiques (and of course would walk by) as well as when Lindsay Lohan began make regular appearances. Reservations became difficult, the restaurant was in the news every day and its reputation became known around the world.
Today the Ivy has a much calmer disposition. Maybe it has to do with the fact that no celebrity can dine there without getting labeled a media whore. That said, most have moved on, although there is always a sighting to be had (but usually not A list). Alas it’s easier to get in and those dining on the patio can be guaranteed the sight of a passing paparazzi in a car with window down and camera out just in case. However it is nowhere the scene it used to be but a good place for lunch for those in the area (or adjacent Beverly Hills) to say you’ve been and still experience the total stereotypical ambience of LA.

The food is mostly American. The Restaurant is known for its crab cakes, has a variety of salads and rotates various items like enchiladas and various fish platters on and off the menu at various times of year. The restaurant is expensive, and, if you are traveling on a budget this may not be your ideal meal. Across the street from The Ivy is the Newsroom Café that offers more affordable options, and, is also still frequented by celebrities.

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