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In N Out

Any Los Angeles local reading this will probably chuckle and ask why a travel guide would recommend In and Out. Anyone would agree they have the best $4 burgers of anyone but the locals here also forget that In and Out is a California experience with few locations outside the west. So with that said, and, on the knowledge that visitors to Los Angeles come from all over-it is safe to insist at least one meal be at In And Out. The hamburger meat is 100% pure beef with no additives. All the beef is procured locally in the west-hence the restaurant’s explanation for not expanding beyond 5 western states-a fear of losing quality. The French fries made on the spot where you will witness raw skinned potatoes going through a special string slicer and then fried. The menu is simple and straight forward. A normal burger, cheeseburger or “double double” with two meat patties.

In And Outs can be found throughout Southern California and hands down locales to Los Angeles will always vote In and Out over a McDonalds. The most ideal In and Out in the immediate LA area is the one in Hollywood at Sunset and Highland Ave. There is another one in Westwood (adjacent to Beverly Hills), however this one is difficult to find and is a traffic nightmare. The Hollywood location can’t be missed with its bright red square roof and yellow signage on the side even planted at the busy Sunset/Highland intersection-just a little east of the La Brea intersection where Brad Pitt was discovered. Dining in or going through the drive through is inconsequential as it’s the food that counts. Although dining in does make for added charm to the In and Out experience with staff wearing 1950s style white pants, button up shirts and sailor pointed hats.

In and Out is not popular with tourists (as many just don’t know or have brand recognition). The scene can be amusing as most residents in these areas of Los Angeles are very health conscious, perceive In and Out as being healthy but are still looking for a splurge. So yeah-it’s a LA scene on the cheap (and delish).
It should be noted In and Out has a wait time triple that of any other fast food restaurant. They are meticulous in their food preparation and the quality comes through. You will leave satisfied but not gross and bloated and may even find yourself going back the next day.

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