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With its first location (and still the one to go to) in the heart of Beverly Hills, Sprinkles Cupcakes first opened its doors in 2005. A risky venture-they took a simple idea-cupcakes-added their own touch to make them delicious (and they are large) and marketed them to the health/appearance conscious citizens of Beverly Hills and surrounding Los Angeles. Overnight the new bakery was overwhelmingly received and exploded in popularity. Oddly dozens of copy cats sprung up all over town with their own delicious cupcake and baked good items. However it is Sprinkles that in such a short time has cemented itself as a Los Angeles institution with huge celebrity, local and tourist devotion alike.

The original location on little Santa Monica Blvd in the heart of the commercial Beverly Hills district is convenient walk to Rodeo Drive and all things Beverly Hills. The cupcakes have such a following that on any given day there is a line out front. Although the line at first glance may appear intimidating, the wait is never longer than ten minutes. The red velvet is one of their staple cupcakes but they have a variety of popular flavors that range from traditional chocolates to carrot cake. The cupcakes themselves are about three times the size of store bought cupcake and usually sport tall, colorful icing tops. Upon ordering the cupcakes are placed in charming pink boxes for carry out.
Sprinkles has become an aggressive expansion plan and now has opened 15 locations outside of Beverly Hills (including one at The Grove). Angelenos have been mixed on this as they overwhelmingly cheer the success of the brand but at same time would want to keep it small, special and something unique to Beverly Hills. Nevertheless they have not exploded on to every street corner across America (hopefully never will) and when visiting Los Angeles this sweet splurge is a must.
Parking at Sprinkles can be tricky as its mostly meters on little Santa Monica Blvd and side streets. See our Beverly Hills section where you can park and Sprinkles is less than a five minute walk away.

Sprinkles has extensive celebrity endorsements including from Barbara Streisand and Oprah Winfrey.

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