Los Angeles Shopping

Los Angeles Shopping
Number Two Rodeo is adjacent to Rodeo Drive and is one of the top shopping/attractions in Los Angeles.

Overview of Shopping

In order from highest to lowest reccomendation

  • Beverly Center
  • Beverly Center is not frequented by visitors but popular with local Angelenos who know what they want and are in search of the latest and hottest trends.

  • Melrose Avenue
  • Melrose Ave is one of the more well known shopping districts in Los Angeles. Not home to high end fashions or latest evening gear but more altenrative and different finds than those found at Rodeo Drive or Beverly Center.

  • Third Street Promenade
  • Third Street Promenade is busy and at times chaotic. However this is a good open air shopping section situated along the coast with upscale stores and a good crowd that is even mixed between the locals and visitors.

    The Grove Thumb
  • The Grove
  • The Grove is a major shopping destination for local Angelenos as well as a major reference point for celebrity sightings. In addition to shopping, the Grove is a full entertainment complex as well.

  • Rodeo Drive
  • Rodeo Drive is a must see when visiting Los Angeles. Even if not there to shop the drive is packed with an even mix of locals and visitors as well as $100,000 cars and occasional celebrity.

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