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Walk of Fame

Walk of Fame
Walk of Fame extends down Hollywood Blvd through the heart of Hollywood. Stars represent talent that have been movie and TV stars as well Producers, Directors and Radio personalities.

The Walk of Fame lines the sidewalks on either side of the street on Hollywood Blvd begriming at La Brea Blvd. and extends the length of Hollywood Blvd. and its side streets to Gower. The Walk of Fame has over 2,300 stars on it and features the stars of major celebrities that had successful careers in the fields of movies, tv and radio. Each star has a distinguishable icon above the celebrities name identifying what field they are recognized in. These symbols are a motion picture camera for film, television set for industry professionals, phonograph record for musicians, a radio microphone for those that were famous in broadcast radio and twin theatrical mask for stage.

Not every major star has a star on the Walk of Fame and the decision process on who gets a star can often be arbitrary and ambiguous at best. An application must be filed to which the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce makes a decision. After the decision is made, it is requested that the individual receiving the star be present for a ceremony on the day the star is dedicated. The celebrity has up to 5 years to pick a date and arrange for the ceremony.

Often when a major celebrity passes away, crowds will line up and place flowers and other momentous on the passing person's star. The most recent event was in June of 2009 when Michael Jackson passed away. For weeks the police and security had to control crowds in front of his star has thousands of people came from all over the world to pay their final respects.

Gaining access to the Walk of Fame is extremely easy and visitors will find there are so many stars and very little time to see them all.

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