Los Angeles Sights

Los Angeles Sights
Pictured above-the Walk of Fame and Hollywood Blvd are two of the most popular sights in Los Angeles.

Overview of Sights

Los Angeles maybe perceived as a sprawling metropolis from the desert to the ocean-but the reality is the main sights that represent a large makeup and population of the city are within a 20 mile-square rectangle radius from the beach to Hollywood. Hollywood and Venice Beach are the two most popular sights and have high numbers of tourists but are also good points to capture tour buses for the more off the beaten path areas of LA.

In order from highest to lowest reccomendation

Hollywood Thumbnail photo
  • Hollywood
  • Once the center of all film production, today only one major studio is left (the rest have moved to ther parts of Los Angeles). Nonetheless Hollywood is full of action, excitement and film history.

    West Hollywood Thumbnail
  • West Hollywood
  • West Hollywood is LA's playground, center of nightlife and probably the most carefree neighborhood in the city. Home to one of the largest LGBT communities in the world, the Sunset Strip and world class shopping-it is a must see when visiting LA.

    Beverly Hills Thumbnail
  • Beverly Hills
  • Beverly Hills is one of the most famous neighborhoods in the world. Also known as one of the wealthiest the city is centrally located in LA and easy to access and explore.


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