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Monterey Bay Coastal Trail

Monterey Bay Coastal Trail
The Monterey Bay Coastal Trail hugs the coast and shorelies of Monterey Ba

For those visiting the Monterey Bay Area who want to explore all the beautiful wonders of the rugged coast and ocean in the most intimate form should check out the Monterey Coastal Trail. The Monterey Coastal Trail is a bike/walking path that begins in Pebble Beach and winds through Cannery Row, past the aquarium and out to Seaside along the southern border of Monterey Bay. The trail interacts with every sight in Monterey Bay, from the many tide pools and rocky bluffs in Pacific Grove to the shopping plazas of Cannery to intersecting Old Fisherman's Wharf. The trail is a perfect way to take in most of the sights of Monterey while staying active at the same time.

The Monterey Coastal Trail is 29 miles long and begins in Pebble Beach and officially ends in the town of Castroville which is about 15 miles from Downtown Monterey. The section of the path that starts in Pebble Beach is mainly geared for bikers only. Its is the segment of the path that begins in Pacific Grove and extends through to Fisherman's Wharf that is primarily used by both bikers and walkers. The coastal trail is ideal as the coastline of Monterey is very accessible by foot but difficult to leave a car along side of the road. Explorers can take their time along the trail and the journey on to a different exploration point or bring a picnic and enjoy the stunning views.

Where the Monterey Coastal trail comes into Cannery Row, it no longer stays near the water. Instead it travels through the central area of Cannery Row past many shopping plazas and hotels before reconnecting with the coast by the Monterey Plaza Hotel. It is also in Cannery Row that you can rent a bike or a go cart buggy (check out rentals at 585 Cannery Row) and travel the length of the trail within a few hours.

The main points of interest along the Monterey Coastal Trail include: Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove, access to tide pools and coast, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Cannery Row, Old Fisherman's Wharf.

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