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Monterey Movie Tour Bus

Monterey Tour Bus
Monterey Movie Tour Bus departs from the Portola Hotel in Downtown Monterey

It is no wonder with Monterey's extreme natural beauty, overall decent weather and many points of interest that over 200 films having been filmed in the area. Located up the coast from Los Angeles (although a 6 hour drive) Monterey has for many years been a location favorite of Hollywood Producers looking to exploit Monterey's vast scenery for their films. Visitors to Monterey looking to tour these locations as well as just sit back and relax and let a professional guide bus take them through all the beautiful sights (and Monterey is that dazzling we as guides found it difficult to drive and see at same time) should consider booking a tour on a Monterey Movie Tour.

The Monterey Movie Tour is a guided bus tour of the Monterey Bay peninsula that takes guests through Pacific Grove, Monterey and Carmel. The tour also makes a trip through the famous 17 mile drive. Although this tour markets itself as a bus tour highlighting the sights of movies based in Monterey, the reality is the tour is so much more than that. It is the only guided tour of Monterey that points out every major point of interest in the Monterey area.

The tours take place on a 32 passenger air conditioned luxury coach liner bus and are about 3 hours in duration. Video monitors on the bus cross reference sights being pointed out with what the tour guide is mentioning. The tour also relies on headsets for those that are interested to really be able to take in information on the sights that they are seeing. The tour also covers Cannery Row, Pebble Beach and off the beaten path areas of the Monterey area. The scenery in Monterey is so amazing that it can honestly be frustrating to try and drive and view at the same time (especially when driving on Ocean View Blvd in Pacific Grove or along the 17 Mile Drive in Monterey). This bus tour receives consistent high grades from those who take it and the information dispensed on the tour is above and beyond just the Hollywood connection the tour is marketed on.

The three stops on the tour where passengers can get out, stretch and take in a photo opportunity are all along the 17 Mile Drive.

The tour departs from Downtown Monterey at the Portola Hotel (adjacent to Colton Hall). Parking through this area along the street is fairly abundant. Ticket prices are $55 per person.

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