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Hofsas House Carmel By the Sea

Junipero Street between 5th and 6th Avenues, Carmel, C
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Hofsas House Carmel By the Sea
Hofsas House Carmel By the Sea has a unique Europeon Medievil feel.

The Hofsas House in Carmel is a step back into time and something out of 16th century Bavaria, Germany. When approaching the Hofsa House Inn, one will feel like they are not in the US but in Europe with its location on a small drive surrounded by a forest of pines and hanging off the edge of a hill. Although many of the Inns in Carmel have the medieval European feel, the Hofsa House by far takes the crown.

The Hofsas House is located on the northern stretch of San Carlos Street about 4 blocks from Ocean Ave, the main artery the center of town or the village as its referred. It is the off of Ocean Ave that the majority of pubs, bakeries, antique shops and retail stores that Carmel is famous for is located. The walk from the Inn to Ocean Ave is less than 10 ten minutes and is very scenic.

The Inn itself has a reputation amongst travelers for being consistently clean but a little on the dated side. However when compared with other Inns in Carmel, Hofsas House is on the same playing field in terms of age and decor. The hotel is home to 38 rooms and is family owned. The average rate is $129. Not every room is equal in terms of views. Some rooms have amazing views of the ocean, forest and Carmel spread out below, while others, i.e. the rooms on the ground floor just have forest views. Access to the rooms on the top floors is only available through steep stairs-there is no elevator. Some of the rooms enjoy fireplaces and wet kitchens. All rooms have wireless internet.

Dogs are welcome at the Hofsas House with a $25 charge. The hotel also supplies a mat for pets. The hotel is known to have creaky wooden floors and paper-thin walls. However, that said, almost every Inn in Carmel, that are often more expensive suffer the same downside. The Hofsas House has a heated pool and a dry sauna.

The walk down to the beach from the Hofsas Inn is around 15 minutes. The drive by car to the Monterey Airport is about 5-7 minutes while the travel time to Monterey, Cannery Row and the Monterey Bay Aquarium is less than 10 minutes. The Carmel gate to the 17 mile drive which gives access to Pebble Beach and amazing views is less than 5 minutes from the Hofsas House.

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Hofsas House, the exotic Europeon/Medieval looking Inn is about a ten minute walk to Ocean Drive and the main sights of Carmel By the Sea