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San Francisco Giants

AT&T Park San Francisco
Pictured Above-Home to the San Francisco Giants, AT&T Park is located just south of the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge on the bay.

San Francisco is one of the most die hard sports cities in the country. The city loves their baseball team-the Giants and equally adore the hometown team-49ers. The San Francisco Giants have a legendary history. The team has won more games in baseball than any other team and has won the most games of any professional sport in North America. Having appeared in 19 World Series Games (the most recent being 2012) the team continues to be a staple of San Francisco culture and tradition. Since 2000 the Giants have been playing at AT&T Park (previously they played a t the older Candlestick park 10 miles south of San Francisco) that was built on the water front and gives spectators views of bay. As the park is on the shoreline, when a homerun is hit, it does not land in the hands of a lucky spectator like that at other stadiums but instead the balls make a splash down in San Francisco Bay. Visitors to San Francisco from April to September (and especially those from abroad) should make a solid effort to catch a Giants game at AT&T park.

As the San Francisco Giants are one of the hottest entertainment venues in town, getting tickets can be difficult (but not at all impossible). Those interested in attending a Giants game should plan well in advance. One of the biggest games to catch is that with the cross state rival Los Angeles Dodgers.

AT&T Park

As previously mentioned the Giant’s have been playing at San Francisco’s new stadium named AT&T Park (previously called Pacific Bell Park). AT&T Park is located on the water front south of the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge. The park can be accessed via bus service from Market Street. The stadium seats 42,000 people and is designed to be angled in such a way that every spectator gets a dual view of the baseball diamond and San Francisco Bay beyond.

2012 World Series

In 2012 the San Francisco Giants swept the Cincinnati Reds to win the World Series. San Francisco celebrated the home team win with style and much fan fare. Market street was closed down and over 500,000 spectators lined the curb from the Castro to the Ferry Building to cheer the team as they road cable car floats down market with team orange color balloons and streamers hanging off the sides.

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